When applied with Armorcoat Safety window film, a wet glaze anchoring system provides a cost efficient way of delivering high level anti-intrusion and bomb-blast mitigation.
The Wet Glaze system uses a triangular bead of structural silicone added to the joint between the safety film and the window frame. It is designed to absorb and disburse the energy that the glass is subjected to, transferring the reduced load across the entire glazed opening. The recommended sealant for this installation is Dow Corning 995 or GE 2000 structural silicone sealant, which is used as it is proven to provide the best possible performance.

The installation of the sealant is critical to the performance of the system, with an incorrect installation compromising the effectiveness, so with this in mind it is vital that the fitting is undertaken by an approved Armorcoat Certified Partner such as AAA Glass Tint.

Safety, Security and blast mitigation is a serious issue and it is of vital importance that the correct solution is provided for each individual set of circumstances. These can vary due to the type of building, the design of the windows and the type of threat faced, so we always recommend contacting us directly to discuss your specific situation. AAA Glass Tint has a team of experts who have been specially trained to deliver advice on the usage of these systems.

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