Solar Control

Solar Control

AAA Glass Tint has been providing superior window film products since 1984. Serving a number of uses, one of our most popular offerings is solar control window tinting. Solar control film for windows are available in numerous varieties. Each type of window film has specific attributes that are designed to help guard against heat loss, increase privacy, and offer UV protection. Below are our most common needs for window film.

Our  solar control films for windows provide up to 99% protection against harmful UV rays. 

Even our clear window films provide you with ample protection from the sun’s rays.


Solar control window film significantly cuts the sun’s heat, keeping your office space or building cool. Most of the solar control films we have are capable of rejecting solar heat, some exterior films reduce heat by as much as 82% that would normally enter your building through your windows. Among our options are films that range from high to low reflectivity, allowing us to provide your building with proper UV protection that still matches your preferences for the exterior appearance of your building’s windows.

Many like to utilize solar control window tinting that also provides adequate privacy from prying eyes. While we have many options available, there are no window films on the market that allow viewing from inside and not from outside that work during nighttime hours. We have found if it is not necessary to view outside from inside then a decorative frost or gradient window film might be the best option. The picture here shows a dark reflective film that gives great daytime privacy.

AAA Glass Tint’s window films also help slow the fading from the sun. The graphic here is a visual representation as to what impacts fading most heavily. All our solar films help block UV 99% of harmful UV light. The darker it is, the more heat and visible light will be blocked. Fade Protection is increased as more heat and light are blocked. Fading is a natural occurrence that cannot be stopped but can be greatly reduced with the use of window films.

Solar control window tinting can actually boost the insulative properties of your building’s windows. An interior window film can help reflect radiant heat back into your space which will aid heat retention. This type of window film is best used on single pane windows that do not have the insulative properties of double pane glazing units.
AAA Glass Tint has been installing commercial solar films in Chicagoland buildings since 1984. We’re confident as to the quality of service we provide and offer an industry-leading warranty that matches the glass manufacturer’s warranty. This ensures you will never have to worry about a thing so long as your windows are similarly covered under warranty. Click on the link below to learn more about our warranty. Being a Panorama window film dealer we can offer the best warranty on our window films with an industry leading 16 year warranty on interior applied window films.

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