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Clear Safety Film for Windows

Glass safety films, or security films for glass windows, have been securing buildings around the world for decades, including some of the most prominent government facilities in the United States. Globally, schools have also benefited from the added layer of protection that glass safety film provides. Easily installed, Armorcoat® safety window film is a much more cost-effective option when compared to laminated glass.

Why Buy Window Security Film?

Security window film installation adds resistance to glass in the event of:

  • Smash-and-grab incidents
  • Forced entry by active shooters
  • Blasts, explosions and their aftermath
  • Intentional hacking of sensitive documents

How Glass Film for Security Works

Solar Gard® security film effectively thwarts attempts to enter a building; at 4 – 14 mils thick, it is significantly thicker than regular window films.

To increase the shatter resistance of glass, we use the security film installation process known as the wet glaze attachment system:

  • First, we adhere the glass safety film to the inside of the window.
  • Then, we apply a large bead of structural silicone around the perimeter of the glass, firmly securing the film in place.

The combination of the security film and the attachment system is what protects and strengthens the glass, making entry by an intruder difficult if not impossible.

AAA Glass Tint: Your Local Expert

AAA Glass Tint is your local expert for security and safety window film installation. In addition to offering the best window films on the market today, our professionals have the knowledge, experience and expertise to install it correctly. Our team is fully certified for safety film installations and we never subcontract our work. You can trust AAA Glass Tint to do the job right!