Privacy Film

Privacy Film

Privacy window film comes in many forms. Unfortunately, there are no window films on the market that allow viewing from inside and not from outside that work during nighttime hours. We have found if it is not necessary to view outside from inside then a decorative frost or gradient window film might be the best option. The picture here shows a dark reflective film that gives great daytime privacy.

Sometimes complete privacy needs to be addressed. Using privacy window film can be the best way to achieve 24/7 privacy.



Stripes or solid, this band of window film will eliminate that “fishbowl” effect that is plagued by so many conference rooms and office spaces. 

This particular picture highlights how a custom stripe on a simple frosted window film can create a custom look.

Completely custom decorative window films are the best way to go for a strong impact.

 This commercial space decided to use a custom film and then have AAA Glass Tint design a custom ribbon design to give this hallway added aesthetic value. 

Here we have a company logo we cut out of a frosted window film. 

This dual-purpose design improves privacy and aesthetic value. 


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